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In reference to Tess's full-color custom promotional dental kit bags....“We absolutely LOVED them!  Great work!  Our logo really “popped” on the imprinted toothbrushes and it will be a nice offering for our new patients!  Thanks!”

Regis Court Dental Associates

"We love the referral dental kits that we get from Tess Oral Health! The educational brochure is a great asset to give to parents and doctors who are unsure of when to bring their child to the dentist. The personalized referral dental kits are a great promotional tool as well, since the pouch and toothbrush can be personalized, and it offers a place for you to insert your dental business card! This dental kit has been very instrumental in the growth of our dental practice! We would recommend this product to anyone looking for dental marketing ideas or as an educational tool!!"

 Jessica R- Dental Smiles for Kids, Ronkonkoma, NY

“The Pediatrician Referral Dental Kits from Tess Oral Health are a great dental marketing tool for our newly established Itsy Bitsy Dental office.  We have been having tremendous success with the dental kits.  We also use the dental kits as a medium to raise awareness in parents about the importance of early dental exams, starting from infant and toddler ages.”

Rebeca Sabnekar, M.B.A

Business Manager, Itsy Bitsy Dental

Great company! Quality custom dental products! They are wonderful and very friendly and very attentive to our account! Awesome customer service if you ever have any questions, etc. We love ordering from them. Jessica L. 

Could not be happier with this company! Everyone I spoke with on the phone was super nice and professional! I had a rush order for my wedding, literally called on a Monday needing them for Saturday and they arrived faster than I ever could have imagined. Only took two days. The design is perfect and the imprinted toothbrush is really good quality, I'm a dental hygienist so I know!

Rachel P.

"Recently our pediatric dental group began to distribute Tess's Infant Referral Kits at one of our community service events. This is an introductory class for expectant couples at Woman's Hospital of Baton Rouge. These dental kits have proven to be hugely successful as a resource and as an essential dental marketing tool for our practice. We are delivering valuable infant oral health material as well as information about our dental practice. We definitely plan to incorporate these dental kits at more of our community service events in the future. Thank you Tess for making these personalized dental referral kits fun and affordable!"

 Robert L. Delarosa, DDS. Associates in Pediatric Dentistry

I had 3 different presentations at an Early Head Start Center today.  The kiddos ranging in ages from young toddlers all the way up to pre K.  The location of the facility is in a lower income community in Omaha, where oral hygiene care is limited mostly due to lack of dental education on the parental side.  These little kiddos were so excited and appreciative to get new personalized toothbrushes!  They really listened to what I had to say about how important it is to take care of them.  I got lots of hugs when we were all done and it put a HUGE smile on my face, I’ll tell ya!  Get to go back the rest of this week to speak with the remaining classes.  So a big THANK YOU to you and the Tess Oral Health family for sharing this opportunity and your promotional dental products with us, making such a difference in children’s lives.  We really appreciate what you do! 

Dr. Cade Pediatric Dentistry, Robbie-Jo


"I just ordered imprinted toothbrushes from Tess Oral Health. They were fast, friendly, and I got my order shipped so quick! Love working with Tess Oral Health. Thank you so much for doing a great job on my personalized toothbrushes!"

Brittany White, Dental Hygenist RDH

Great personalized customer service from a small business, and bulk toothbrushes manufactured in the U.S.A!!!   Richard F.


"We order the Kids Dental Kits and they are fantastic!! In addition to the high-quality custom dental products that they contain, we are able to personalize many areas! The toothbrushes and the pouches can be personalized with your dental logo and contact information and in addition, there is a slot to insert a business card! These kits are great dental promotional products and the kids and parents love their bright fun colors!"

Jessica R- Dental Smiles for Kids, Ronkonkoma, NY

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Bobbi, Clearwater Dental, Eau Claire, WI

Dr. Besmodgen, General Practitioner, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Dr. Lorraine Rabach, General Dentist, North Haven, CT

Dr. Martin Rabach, Dentist / Orthodontist, North Haven, CT


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