Item #3811

Oncology Post Surgery Ultra Soft Personalized Toothbrush

Item #3811

Oncology Post Surgery Ultra Soft Personalized Toothbrush

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The Oncology/Post-Surgical toothbrush has .004″ ultra soft bristles (the softest available) for post surgical brushing. It is also beneficial to patients undergoing cancer treatment, periodontal disease, gum therapy or those who simply have very sensitive teeth and gums.

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Oncology Post Surgery Ultra Soft Personalized Toothbrush

About this Toothbrush

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The Post Surgery/Oncology toothbrush has the softest bristles we offer on any toothbrush. It’s .004″ ultra soft bristles make it perfect for post-surgical patients as it allows for brushing sooner after surgery with less discomfort. This brush’s ultra soft bristles also make it great for oncology cancer patients, periodontal disease, gum recession, gum therapy or any patient with extra sensitive teeth and gums. We manufacture these brushes in the USA and every bristle is end-rounded and polished resulting in ultra gentle, pain-free cleaning while removing plaque. The Post Surgical/Oncology brush features a compact head and classic handle with a thumb rest for comfort and control while brushing. This toothbrush is available with single-color personalization so add your logo and market your practice.

  • Available in five pearlescent colors
  • .004″ ultra soft bristles
  • 7″ long
  • Bulk 72, 432, 1296 count
  • Individually packaged in recyclable cello-wrap
  • Made in the USA
  • Personalized Imprinted Customized toothbrush
  • Post-surgery, Oncology, Periodontal Disease, Gum Therapy, Gum Recession, Sensitive Gums

Compare Models:

The 3800 series customizable toothbrushes have the same size, shape, and style. They all include 38 bristle tufts. The difference among the brushes is the bristle softness and the available colors.

3800: The 3800 Concept Toothbrush is the classic model in this series. It features .007” soft bristles for comfortable cleaning, and six classic handle colors with coordinating bristle colors.

3810: The 3810 Perio toothbrush is a specialty, periodontal toothbrush with .005” extra-soft bristles for patients with sensitive teeth and gums. This brush is unique in that it has black bristles to mask blood and reduce patient alarm. It is the only brush in our portfolio with black bristles. Available in nine colors.

3811: The 3811 Oncology/Post-Surgical toothbrush is a very specialized toothbrush with .004” ultra-soft bristles for post-surgical brushing with less discomfort. Due to its ultra-soft bristles, it is recommended for and very popular with patients undergoing cancer therapies. These bristles are as soft as it gets!

3812: The 3812 Perio White toothbrush is exactly like the #3810, but with white bristles. If you do not feel the need to carry a black bristle toothbrush, but want a traditional periodontal brush, then the 3812 is for you. It comes in 4 primary colors.

3820: The 3820 Concept Classic is the same toothbrush as the 3800 Classic, but it comes in five refined pearlescent handle colors.

3830: The 3830 Concept “Colors” toothbrush is named for its vibrant combination of sixteen handle and bristles colors. If you want a classic brush for your patients, but desire a joyful array of colors, then this brush is for you.

3833: The 3833 Midnight Series is named for its black handles. It has all the features of the 3800 series brushes, but with the unique twist of black handles and colored bristles.

3 reviews for Oncology Post Surgery Ultra Soft Personalized Toothbrush

  1. Like massaging my gums with velvet.

    I’m neutropenic and even the soft toothbrushes my dentist gave me hurt my gums. He gave me an extra soft post surgery one and it made brushing so much better!

    But I needed a toothbrush supply of my own so I tried a couple brands from Amazon. These ones are glorious! It’s like rubbing my gums with velvet!

    My teeth actually seem to be nicer in spite of soft bristles. Even my hygienist noticed.

    I have one at work, one at home, and one I take with me. The only thing worth mentioning is the bristles are so soft they need protection when you store or carry them.

  2. Very soft toothbrush.

    Recommended by my dentist. I tried other brands however they are not soft enough for my sensitive teeth.

  3. Great soft bristles for my grandpa during chemo

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