Travel Toothbrushes


Personalized travel toothbrushes are easy to transport and store both for dental practices and patients. Bulk travel toothbrushes can be used at summer marketing events as an easy solution to promote your practice throughout your community. These travel toothbrushes are also great to provide patients with busy schedules to help them with compliance.


Build a Kit
Build a Kit

Build a dental kit that suits your practice, your patients, and your budget! You pick the products, and what you want personalized…we do the rest! Every customized dental kit includes a single-color personalized toothbrush of your choice, a zipper kit bag with a business card pouch, and add-on items of your choosing, including lip balm, floss, mini toothpaste, and more. Dental kits arrive at your dental office pre-assembled and ready to go.

Build a Kit
single-color full-color
Travel Toothbrush

Travel Toothbrush

As low as $0.53 each
Disposable Toothbrush – Bulk

Disposable Toothbrush – Bulk

As low as $0.17 each

Bulk personalized travel toothbrushes

Personalized travel toothbrushes are a smart choice for large events or for patients at the start of summer because of their compact size. These toothbrushes are easy to transport and travel with, which makes them ideal for current and prospective patients to utilize.

You can personalize each travel toothbrush with your dental practice logo and information to stay top of mind for each recipient. All orders are ready to ship within 48 hours, so you can be ready for anything!

Customer reviews

Can’t Praise Enough! Holly was Great! She helped me with my imprinting, the order turned out great and received on time. Wonderful...” 

~Dr. Bellafiore | Travel toothbrush

"Just as described. I love how they came individually wrapped. There were a nice array of colors which were quite vibrant as well. I would certainly recommend, and will purchase again 🙂” 

~All Smiles Nova | Travel toothbrush

Personalized travel toothbrushes FAQ

What types of personalized travel toothbrushes are offered?

We have two types of personalized travel toothbrushes: standard and orthodontic. The standard travel toothbrush features soft standard bristles, while the orthodontic travel toothbrush features channel-trimmed bristles.

What are the dimensions of the travel toothbrushes?

Both of our travel toothbrushes are made up of a vented cover and a compact head and arm. The cover converts into a handle when ready for use. In travel mode, the travel toothbrush is 4.25 inches long. Fully extended it measures 6.5 inches long.

Why bulk personalized travel toothbrushes?

Bulk travel toothbrushes are easy to keep with patients while they are on-the-go, which helps them stay on top of their oral health.

Bulk personalized travel toothbrushes are an easy and cost-effective way to promote your dental practice.