Specialty Toothbrushes


Patients with specific needs call for specialty toothbrushes. Keep periodontal, orthodontic, or travel toothbrushes on hand for special patients. When you can provide a patient the right toothbrush for their situation, you create a loyal patient and put them on the road to oral hygiene success. In addition, personalizing your logo on any specialty toothbrush helps to build awareness and value.

Our specialty toothbrushes include bulk ultra-soft periodontal toothbrushes, orthodontic toothbrushes, and travel toothbrushes.


Build a Kit
Build a Kit

Build a dental kit that suits your practice, your patients, and your budget! You pick the products, and what you want personalized…we do the rest! Every customized dental kit includes a single-color personalized toothbrush of your choice, a zipper kit bag with a business card pouch, and add-on items of your choosing, including lip balm, floss, mini toothpaste, and more. Dental kits arrive at your dental office pre-assembled and ready to go.

Build a Kit
usa-flag single-color
Perio White Ultra-Soft Toothbrush

Perio White Ultra-Soft Toothbrush

As low as $0.76 each
single-color full-color
Travel toothbrush personalized

Travel toothbrush personalized

As low as $0.53 each
NEW Silicone finger toothbrush

NEW Silicone finger toothbrush

As low as $0.85 each

Bulk specialty toothbrushes

Keep bulk ultra-soft periodontal toothbrushes, orthodontic toothbrushes, and travel toothbrushes on hand for your patients. Patients will be grateful to have specialty options and it will help set your dental practice apart.

You can order bulk specialty toothbrushes in as few as 72 toothbrushes! Get free shipping on orders of $500 or more, and all orders are ready to ship in 48 hours.

Customer reviews

Best post surgery brushes! Our patients absolutely love these super soft brushes for after surgery! We also use them for issues like lichen planus when gum tissues are sore and painful. Allows gentle cleaning with trauma. We have been using for many years!

~Cheryl, Professional Perio Partners | Periodontal toothbrush

These toothbrushes are great quality. Very soft. Works well for ortho patients and after perio surgery.

~Anthony, Cedar Creek Dental | Accent Winter Perio toothbrush

Bulk specialty toothbrushes FAQ

What are the different specialty brushes available?

The bulk ultra-soft periodontal toothbrushes are perfect for patients with sensitive teeth and gums, post-surgeries, and procedures. The bulk channel-trimmed toothbrushes are ideal for any patient with orthodontia. Bulk travel toothbrushes are great for patients who need to brush on-the-go!

How are ultra-soft toothbrushes defined?

Our bulk ultra-soft toothbrushes have .004” bristles, which is the softest available. These are very beneficial for patients with various needs including cancer treatment, periodontal disease, gum therapy or those who simply have very sensitive teeth and gums.

Why bulk specialty toothbrushes?

Perfect for patients with specific oral care needs.

Shows your patients you care and makes a daily impact in their lives.