Disposable Toothbrushes


Bulk disposable toothbrushes are great to have on hand for your patients to use at brushing stations. Our pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes are available in child and adult sizes, which can cover any patient. These high-quality, single-use toothbrushes are ideal for pre-treatment use or to provide patients on-the-go.


Build a Kit
Build a Kit

Build a dental kit that suits your practice, your patients, and your budget! You pick the products, and what you want personalized…we do the rest! Every customized dental kit includes a single-color personalized toothbrush of your choice, a zipper kit bag with a business card pouch, and add-on items of your choosing, including lip balm, floss, mini toothpaste, and more. Dental kits arrive at your dental office pre-assembled and ready to go.

Build a Kit
Disposable Toothbrush – Bulk

Disposable Toothbrush – Bulk

As low as $0.17 each

Bulk disposable toothbrushes

Bulk disposable toothbrushes are perfect for patients to use before a standard check-up or orthodontic adjustment. The pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes provide convenient options for a dental practice’s brushing stations or for patients to keep on hand in their backpack, purse, or briefcase.

Disposable toothbrushes FAQ

What is the difference between pre-pasted disposable and disposable toothbrushes?

Our pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes have a mint-flavored Xylitol toothpaste solution within the bristles. The solution is safe to consume and does not require spitting. These disposable toothbrushes can simplify the materials you’ll need to stock at your brushing stations.

The disposable toothbrushes do not have any toothpaste solution and are regular toothbrushes with an one-time use. So, if your dental practice has a preferred toothpaste for patients to use at brushing stations, these disposable toothbrushes are perfect!

Can bulk disposable toothbrushes be personalized?

Unfortunately, no, bulk disposable toothbrushes cannot be personalized.

How are the disposable toothbrushes packaged?

Each of our disposable toothbrushes are hygienically, individually packaged in recyclable cello-wrap.

Why bulk disposable toothbrushes?

Bulk pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes can help simplify your brushing stations’ costs and materials.

Bulk disposable toothbrushes are convenient for patients to carry with them when needed.