What’s the difference between the Dual Head and Ortho Spiral toothbrushes?
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What’s the difference between the Dual Head and Ortho Spiral toothbrushes?

We offer unique orthodontic toothbrushes to suit your patients’ needs when it comes to thoroughly brushing their teeth. Our orthodontic toothbrushes feature a channel-trimmed bristle pattern designed to specifically clean in and around orthodontia, wires, and brackets. All of our bristles are end-rounded and polished to ensure better cleaning that is not harmful to tooth structure or gingiva.

However, there are differences in the toothbrushes, and this is a quick guide to help you understand them and how they might suit your practice and patient needs.

Basic difference: Dual Head vs Ortho Spiral

The Dual Head toothbrush features a 42-tuft head and a built-in interproximal brush.

The Ortho Spiral features a 32-tuft compact head and a round handle.

What style do I need?

Choosing the style of toothbrush heavily depends on your patient base.

If you are looking for a solution for younger patients or patients with smaller mouths, the Ortho Spiral toothbrush is ideal for your needs. In addition, it can be personalized with your logo and information in single- or full-color and the white handle makes it pop!

If you are looking for a multi-purpose solution for patients with orthodontia, the Dual Head toothbrush is what you’ll want. With the built-in interproximal brush, they have two important tools all in one. You can also personalize this toothbrush in single-color.

Let’s get started!

Having orthodontic toothbrushes on hand for your patients with orthodontia is a great way to help them on their smile journey while standing out by going the extra mile! Get the orthodontic toothbrush that suits your patients and practice today, by visiting our website or calling 1-800-762-1765.

Still have questions? Call us at 1-800-762-1765. We’re here to help!


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