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The Power of Personalized Dental Products

All dentists strive toward building a meaningful relationship with their patients. Providing promotional dental tools to potential and existing patients builds patient loyalty and creates a lasting personal interaction with your company. When you give a branded toothbrush or custom dental kit to a patient, you are creating a positive experience that is associated with your brand.

Businesses use promotional products as a means of reaching out to potential customers and rewarding existing customers. This low-cost marketing method drives new customers and maintains the loyalty of existing customers. It is simple. Promotional products draw people’s attention.

Many studies have been conductive which prove the power of the personalized products. The key findings include REACH, RECALL, RESONNANCE and REACTION.


Promotional products drive an undisputed level of brand exposure. You may hand out personalized toothbrushes to prospective patients at local festivals or fairs. Perhaps you supply local pediatricians or general dentists with branded referral kits. Most dentists give a post-exam toothbrush, floss, and/or dental kit to each patient. Your goal is to connect with your target market. Branded dental products connect with more of them, more times each day, and for a far longer period than any other advertising channel.


The most effective promotional products are utilitarian products that the recipients can use daily for many months like pens, water bottles, mousepads, and mugs. Practical products keep consumers engaged with a brand time and time again over the course of time.

Dentists, what utilitarian product can you think of that reflects your business? A TOOTHBRUSH! A personalized toothbrush is the PERFECT marketing tool! For a dentist, the use of a toothbrush as a promotional tool, based on its practicality and regular use, is a no-brainer! If you give personalized toothbrushes with your practice’s logo to patients and prospective patients, your brand will be seen twice a day both morning and night for months. What other marketing tactic has that ROI?


Your goal is for the the personalized product to resonate with the patient. For dentists, this is easily done.  Give the right size and style pediatric toothbrush to children. Offer branded retainer cases to those with braces. A custom dental kit may be very impactful in creating goodwill with new patients.  82% of consumers had a more favorable impression of the brand after receiving a branded product.  Consumers have stated feeling happy, interested, thankful and appreciative after receiving branded products. Your patients will too.


Because customized toothbrushes and other hygiene products resonate positively with patients, they help tremendously in enhancing brand loyalty. 83% of customers are more likely to do business with brands from which they received promo products.  Personalized dental products increase brand loyalty.


Consumers are bombarded with so much advertising both online and offline that they often avoid all of it. Interestingly, while most people avoid  outright advertising, the majority do not discard promotional products. In fact, promotional products are a consumer’s choice in brand communication over other means of advertising.  Send your patients emails, post on social media, buy a billboard in town, but also brand your toothbrushes. Personalized dental products are the lowest cost and most effective marketing tool for a dental practice.

At Tess Oral Health, our motto is, why give away a brand name toothbrush when you can give away a branded toothbrush? Promote your name not a brand name.  Branding is an easy, exciting, and effective way to promote your practice and share your story. Promotional items constantly remind patients of your brand and attract attention to the other products and services you offer.

Now that you know promotional products are powerful in growing your practice, increasing your awareness, and building patient loyalty; you just need to decide which bulk toothbrushes, toothbrush bundles, or hygiene kits best suit your practice, patients, and budget.





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