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Market Your Practice with Halloween Toothbrushes

Candy & Gum: Such A Fright!

Employ Halloween Toothbrushes this Hallows Eve Night.

We believe in the power of personalized toothbrushes to promote dental practices all year long. But in this article, we’re going to focus on the ways you can market and grow your practice with themed Halloween toothbrushes this fall. Whether the brushes are printed with a themed message like “Happy Halloween”, “Brush Your Fangs” and/or with your practice information; Halloween toothbrushes are an inexpensive, turnkey tactic to market and grow your dental practice.


The Power of Halloween Toothbrushes: Happy Patients Spread the Word

Everyone loves a freebie. The best part of a dentist visit is receiving a new toothbrush. Post exam, patients expect to receive the same or similar toothbrush that they receive every six months. However, if you surprise a patient with a Halloween-themed toothbrush, then you will utterly delight them. And happy patients spread their joy! They tell friends, leave online reviews, increase referrals, follow you on social media and spread the word. We bet you did not realize that a toothbrush could be so powerful. There is not a more valuable marketing channel than word-of-mouth advertising. Receiving a free, new toothbrush is impactful. The power of a free, new, fun, holiday toothbrush can have far-reaching effects.

As an aside, you may have frowned upon gimmicky Halloween toothbrushes in the past for concern that they are cheap or ill-quality. We understand that a low-quality toothbrush can damage your reputation as a dentist. Our holiday toothbrushes are the same quality as all our toothbrushes. They are produced with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards in the industry. The bristles are end-rounded and polished for gentle, effective cleaning. These are top-notch, made in the USA brushes that you can be proud to present to your patients. They are frighteningly fun, AND clinically beneficial. We guarantee it.


Halloween Toothbrushes Grow Your Practice: Get Your Brand in Their Hand

This past year may have hampered your ability to acquire new patients. Growing your practice may be high on your priority list this fall. Use personalized Halloween toothbrushes branded with your practice information to gain brand awareness in your community. Literally, get your brand in their hand. Give toothbrushes out at haunted houses, fall festivals, pumpkin farms, or hayrides. When one person sees another with a fun, Halloween toothbrush; then he’ll want one too. Each person will use his toothbrush morning & night; getting you brand recall twice a day every single day.

Personalized, themed toothbrushes will resonate with potential patients who will remember your brand name when it’s time for their next dental check-up. The simple marketing technique of a promotional giveaway is timeless and so effective. And, for a dentist, there is no better promotional item than a toothbrush. We hear from dentists every day that toothbrushes used as promotional tools work to acquire new patients and create loyal patients. Try it!


Halloween Toothbrushes Inspire Oral Hygiene: Healthy Patients Are Your Goal

Dentists send patients on their way with a new toothbrush to encourage home compliance. That’s no secret. And Halloween-themed toothbrushes excite patients to maintain their dental routine.  Why? They make brushing fun! Plus, Halloween toothbrushes help parents to get their kids to brush morning and night. And parents will appreciate you for that. Healthy patients are your #1 goal. Themed toothbrushes are a turnkey tool to get the home compliance AND the healthy patients that you desire.


Halloween Toothbrushes Make the Perfect Exchange: Halloween Candy Buy-Back

A Halloween candy buy-back is an effective way to garner goodwill in your community and gain attention for your practice. Host an event at your practice in which you ‘buy back’ kids Halloween candy in exchange for Halloween toothbrushes, hygiene kits, cash, or coupons.  Then donate the candy to U.S. troops overseas. Communicate the event to your patient database, on social media, your website and signage in your dental office and around town. Partner with other local businesses to sponsor the event and/or donate coupons or samples. Invite your local media to cover the event. A Halloween Candy Buy Back can provide great exposure for your practice; all while making a positive impact with your patients and your community. For tips and support on running a Halloween Candy Buy-back visit


Halloween can be a sticky, tricky time for teeth. As such, Halloween is the perfect platform for dental marketing.  Use Halloween toothbrushes in your practice, in your community, and at Halloween events to highlight your dental office. Halloween toothbrushes keep existing and potential patients happy, health and loyal to your practice.


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