Make your dental patient experience engaging and memorable
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Make your dental patient experience engaging and memorable

Dental patient experience is important not only for the patient but also for your practice.

When patients have a great experience, they look forward to their next appointment, are more likely to comply with oral health practices at home, and may even talk with friends about checking it out for themselves. All of these aspects can help build your reputation and grow your patient base.

Below are some tips to help make your patients’ experience engaging and memorable.

Set the tone at the front desk

Your front desk is the first interaction of their experience, so make it a good one! Greet them with a smile and welcome them – be excited to see them. If there are any fun activities your office is conducting – a riddle solve, guessing game, etc. – let them know how they can participate.

Overall, make sure that when they walk in, they feel welcome and excited to be there.

Make their wait time engaging

As waiting areas continue to re-open, make sure to safely re-introduce engaging activities. These could be playing video content, games, a selfie station, etc. Find activities that they can enjoy and make the wait fly.

If your office has the resources, also try to reduce wait times, which not only is nice for the patient but also for anyone with them.

Send them off with a helpful promotional

According to PROmotion Marketing, LLC, “82% of people have a more favorable impression of a brand after receiving a promotional product.” Everyone loves free stuff, but it’s even better if the item is useful to the recipient.

Find promotional products that your patients can use to continue healthy oral hygiene at home and are of a high quality without breaking your budget.

Tess Oral Health has a large selection of personalized oral care products which are not only professional-grade quality but also promote your practice without going over budget.

Our toothbrush kits are a great tool to help your patients stay on track anywhere they go while keeping your practice top of mind. Plus you can fully customize the items in your kits and what is personalized with your logo and information!

Making your dental patients’ experience great is vital for your practice to thrive, so set yourself apart with being memorable and one they look forward to experiencing again.


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