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How to Use Personalized Dental Products To Market Your Practice

How to Use Personalized Dental Products to Market Your Practice

All dentists use an array of tactics to market their practices. A marketing mix of traditional paid advertisements like billboards, radio, and television plus social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or grassroots efforts like local parades and festivals are common means of growing awareness and familiarity with a practice.

Today we are going to focus on a simple, turnkey and super effective way to market your dental practice that is gaining popularity with dentists everywhere. Personalized dental products help to promote a dental practice. Customized toothbrushes, bundles, dental hygiene kits and other dental office promotional items can be used to both attain new patients and maintain existing patients.

Following a regular 6-month check-up, most dentists send their patients home with a new toothbrush, and possibly floss or rinse. These take-away items are a perfect opportunity to market your practice. First, this is a great opportunity to send them with a home-care dental product that suits the patient. For example, if the patient has sensitive gums, then give him a periodontal brush. For young children, be sure to offer a pre-school, school-age or teen brush depending on the child’s age. An orthodontic toothbrush or orthodontic flossers are ideal for patients with orthodontia. More importantly, take-home dental hygiene products should always be personalized with the practice’s logo and/or office information. The dental logo will be seen by the patients morning and night for at least three months which will build the patients familiarity and recall of the dental practice. This repetition provides tremendous value.

If growth is the goal, personalized toothbrushes are a great tool for marketing the practice to prospective patients. A toothbrush has a high perceived value and super practicality, so people like to receive them and will use them. The toothbrush should be of high quality because it represents the dental practice and reputation. A toothbrush gets used daily for several months offering the practice unequivocal repeat visibility. Distribute customized pre-school brushes at a daycare or 4-k program. Hand-out bright, fun child brushes at local pee-wee football or baseball games. Sponsor Friday Night Lights at the local high school to market an orthodontic practice with personalized orthodontic toothbrushes or personalized retainer cases.

Another great tool for marketing a practice is a personalized dental referral kit. These kits (pediatrician referral kits, orthodontic referral kits, etc.) may contain home-care items including a brush, floss, paste, mouth mirror, business card or any other assortment of dental products. Choose products for a referral kit that target the patients you desire and that represent your practice’s specialties. Personalized referral kits work best when distributed by a reputable source like a doctor, dentist, endodontist, or periodontist.

Personalized dental products in the hands of new and existing patients provide repetition which is proven to increase recall and recognition. This repeat exposure with dental office promotional items increases consumer recognition and memory of the practice which is an invaluable form of marketing.


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