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Get your practice ready for the new year!

The past two years have flown by and now 2022 is almost upon us! As 2021 comes to a close and business temporarily slows the last two weeks, there are some tasks that can help you prepare for the new year.

#1. Check and organize your inventory.

When your schedule has a slow day, go through your current inventory.

  • Check what items you have left and how many, and what items you need more of for the upcoming year.
  • Recycle empty boxes or set aside reusable bins to be refilled.
  • Label what items are in bins or boxes to help your staff quickly grab what they need.
  • Rearrange your current inventory to make sense: items needed more get a higher priority space than items only needed sometimes.

Overall, find a system that will work best with your office and provide space for upcoming inventory.

#2. Stock up on items.

Use the list of items you found needed to be restocked and start your orders. Tess Oral Health offers a large range of oral hygiene items that can be personalized to show your logo and information.

These customized products are not only a great way to promote your practice but are a high-quality product you know your patients will appreciate. And if you’re waiting on your new year budget, no worries! You can start the order process before the new year and just authorize it when ready.

#3. Evaluate your “Go Green” options.

Going green is becoming a large desire of most businesses. If you are interested, here are some simple and easy ways to start.

  • Go paperless. Using a virtual office system for patient charting, billing, and radiography can help to organize and streamline your process, plus save on the paper being used.
  • Stock some all-natural care products. Bamboo toothbrushes, silk floss, all-natural lip balm, and recyclable paper goody bags are some great items to have in the office to provide patients.
  • Add some greenery. Indoor plants around your office offer a relaxing environment while helping filter indoor pollution.

There are many more ways you can start to “Go Green,” so try to pick a few to implement in 2022 that fit with your practice and process.

Preparing before the new year can help start off 2022 strong and ready for action. Remember Tess Oral Health is here to help your practice succeed, so call us at 1-800-762-1765 or visit our website at We wish you, your staff, and your patients a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2022!


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