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Five Tips For Using Personalized Dental Products To Market Your Practice

Personalized dental products have proven successful in marketing dental practices.

Rather than hand out stickers, tattoos and trinkets, many dentists invest in personalized toothbrushes, floss, or orther dental health products. That’s right, a dental tool can also be a dentist’s #1 marketing tool!

It’s likely that you already purchase toothbrushes, bundles or kits for your practice.

Personalization is often offered at a nominal cost (many times it comes free at specified volumes), and that small upcharge can truly pay-off for your practice. Think about it, if your practice’s name & logo is on a toothbrush, existing and prospective patients will be reminded of your practice every time they brush. That is, twice a day, morning and night. This twice-daily recognition is priceless for your practice. Patients will remember YOU and come to YOU.

If you are looking for ways to build your practice with personalized dental health products, below are FIVE valuable tips for you.

  1. Give away custom personalized toothbrushes for dentists at community events like parades, festivals, and fairs to attract new patients.
  2. Ask a local pediatrician to offer personalized pediatrician referral oral care kits or other personalized dental hygiene kits to the parents of young patients and babies.
  3. Handout personalized bundles and personalized dental hygiene kits at daycare visits and school presentations.
  4. If you are an orthodontist, provide personalized orthodontic referral kits or personalized orthodontic toothbrushes to local pediatric and general dentists so that they have a turnkey way to send potential patients to you.
  5. Donate personalized infant referral kits or personalized travel toothbrushes to expectant mother programs or maternity wards. Offer to come speak at one their events!

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