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Dental Community Prepares for Dental Health Month

Dentists Prepare for Dental Health Month with Dental Health Products and Dental Hygiene Kits Months in Advance.

While most of us are preparing for the holidays, dental practices around the country may be preparing for February’s Dental Health Month. About this time or year, dental suppliers announce Dental Health Month specials on products that the dental community will need to support February’s educational and informational platform.

National Children’s Dental Health Month is meant to raise awareness about the importance of oral health starting at an early age. During this month, hundreds of thousands committed dental experts and practitioners and healthcare providers promote and spread awareness regarding the benefits of maintaining good oral health to children, parents, and teachers.

In preparation, dentists may increase inventory of educational materials, personalized dental health products, dental hygiene kits, referral kits, infant toothbrushes, sealants, and fluorides in addition to scheduling outreach programs at schools or community programs.

Why this annual focus on the education of children’s oral hygiene? Even though it’s almost entirely preventable, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children. The good news is there are safe and effective preventive measures that can protect teeth. Good oral hygiene practices such as thorough brushing with a fluoride toothpaste can help keep children from getting cavities. In addition, dental sealants and community water fluoridation are two other strategies that can hhelp prevent tooth decay.

During Dental Health Month, parents and caregivers can learn about a plethora of oral health guidelines including when children should have their first dental visit, ways to prevent early childhood caries, when to expect changes from primary to permanent teeth, proper brushing and flossing techniques, thumb-sucking, dental sealants, choosing the right mouth protector for active children and adolescents, and teaching their children to say no to tobacco. Parents will also learn about the importance of regular dental examinations.

Here are some of the headlines that dentists will touch upon during Dental Health Month:

Tooth decay is almost entirely preventable, and a child’s risk of tooth decay can be reduced with simple steps.

  • Sugary foods and drinks should be consumed with meals. Saliva production increases during meals and helps neutralize acid production and rinse food particles from the mouth.
  • Limit between-meal snacks. If kids crave a snack, offer them nutritious foods.
  • If the kids chew gum, make it sugarless – Chewing sugarless gum after eating can increase saliva flow and help wash out food and decay-producing acid.
  • Monitor beverage consumption – Children should make healthy beverage choices such water and low-fat milk.
  • Help children develop good brushing and flossing habits all while having fun.

2 is too late.

As soon as teeth begin to emerge, a baby is at risk for caries. The American Dental Association says that it is beneficial for the first dental visit to occur before the child’s first birthday. Parents should schedule a visit to the dentist for their baby by 12 months of age.

Brush Teeth At Least Twice A Day for Two Minutes.

Brush twice a day, morning in night. Brushing in-between meals can increase good oral health, and always brush before bedtime.Teach children how to properly brush. Children only need a pea-size amount of toothpaste, and adult toothpaste should not be used before the age of six. An adult should brush for a child under the age of approximately 8 years old to insure effective cleaning.

Children’s teeth are meant to last a lifetime. With proper care, a balanced diet and regular dental visits, their teeth can remain healthy and strong. The dental community prepares month in advance for Dental Health Month to insure healthy smiles for all children.


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