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Debanding Day Done the Right Way

For an orthodontic patient, the most anticipated day is that which he get he gets his braces off! Debanding Day is a celebrated day for the patient because he gets to show off a new, beautiful smile and nix those braces! It is a fulfilling day for the orthodontist because he has achieved the desired result for the patient. Debanding Day is an opportunity for the orthodontist to provide effective patient giveaways and post-treatments recommendations that will positively cap-off the patient’s experience while effectively marketing the orthodontic practice.

Giving branded hygiene tools like personalized toothbrushes after cleaning appointments builds patient loyalty and increase home compliance. The same holds true for a debanding appointment. That said, send your patients on their way with promotional hygiene and home-care dental products that they will appreciate and use. Patients love giveaways. Orthodontists love compliance. More importantly, personalized products market your practice.

Retainer Cases

Post-debanding, most patients will need to wear a retainer(s) so that their teeth do not relapse. Be sure to give your patients 1-2 personalized retainer cases displaying your practice information. Cases keep the retainers safe from breakage and clean. Patients will carry those branded cases to school, sports, and clubs thereby building awareness for your practice while increasing the patients’ compliance. Branded retainer cases will promote your practice long after the patient is gone. Another option is to giveaway Orthodontic Debanding Kits specially designed for post-debanding. Debanding kits include a retainer case, toothbrush of your choice, and floss pre-packed inside a zipper kit bag.

Take-Home Toothbrush Kits

Patients love to receive take-home toothbrush kits. It is exciting to get a new toothbrush and try other new items like flossers or interproximals. The Orthodontic Debanding Kit is ideal for Debanding Day, but there are also other great options for toothbrush kits.  This Teen Dental Kit  comes with your choice of any youth/teen toothbrush, floss or flossers, a 2-minute timer, choice of Crest toothpaste, and a travel cap all pre-assembled in a zipper kit bag. Add your practice information to the hygiene products to heighten brand awareness, increase referrals and build patient loyalty. Or, create a custom toothbrush kit that suits your practice and your patients.  If your budget does not allow for a toothbrush kit, consider a personalized toothbrush as a Debanding Day giveaway. Most of your patients will need a Youth or Teen toothbrush like one of these popular choices.

Teeth Whitening 

After braces are removed, there may be calculus build up or leftover cement that causes the teeth to be discolored. You will remove the buildup and cement making the teeth whiter and brighter, but there may still be some discoloration. You may also provide a good polishing to help remove any staining as well. Still, some yellowing may be present. If so, recommend a whitening paste or whitening treatment. For those with yellowing, keep samples size whitening pastes on hand. Recommend a whitening treatment in your office (ideally) or a coupon for your favorite treatment.

The Candy Bomb

This last idea may be controversial! If you want to really thrill your patients, give them a pouch filled with all the things that they could not eat while wearing orthodontia! Bubble gum, taffy & caramel corn…oh my! Be sure to include a personalized toothbrush. They’ll need it. Personalized gumball packs  and jelly bean pouches are fun ideas, but don’t tell their parents that we said so!  A unique candy package is sure to garner word-of-mouth advertising (which is the most valuable advertising) for your orthodontic practice. Remember to brand the goodies to promote your practice.

Debanding Day is a great day for all! Make it more memorable with effective promotional dental products and hygiene tools that benefit your patients and your orthodontic practice.


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